Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Growing Older Along The Trail

I am a  older hiker, and I find it harder physically to continue hiking the trail. My bones ache with every mountain I climb, and I find myself staying in the sleeping bag longer each morning. But I continue to hike because I am inspired by the beautiful mountain views and wonder of God's creation.  I rest often on rocks or fallen trees knowing that there are hundreds of hikers that have passed along this same trail before me, and I think of the thousands of people who are unable to experience what I am experiencing. I recently met an older lady who was able to express the feeling I have when I hike along the trail.  Phyllis V. Brokaw wrote this poem in 2009 and has given me permission to share it with you.

                Out in the Woods with God

Have you ever stood in the midst of the woods
and heard the forest talk;
Have you been all alone as the tree tops swayed
to a music all their own?
Have you seen a bird fly from limb to limb
as she sweetly sang to you?
Have you heard a brook as it flowed o'er the rocks
lend its rhythm in cadence, too?
Did you notice how leaves as they gently fall
form a beautiful carpet for you?

It's a wonderful thing when God's nature provides
an oasis away from life's storms;
Take a day away in the woods someday
when tired and weary and worn.
It's a special gift and an awesome reprieve
out in the woods with Him;
If you stand very still, I am sure that you will
hear the still small voice within;
You'll draw from the silence the peace that you seek
and know you've been touched by the King.

If you'll stand very still in the turmoil of life 
and heed to that voice within;
You'll be led the Spirit in wisdom and grace
in the midst of the chaos and din;
Then you'll find all you need of courage and hope
if you'll travel life's highway with Him.