Friday, February 17, 2017

Hiking and Backpacking In The Golden Years

As I age my outlook on life changes from personal achievements and accomplishments to just enjoying everyday life.  Every morning I wake up and thank God that Iam able see another day and experience the new events  He has in store for me.  I feel very grateful for each day on earth to experience family fun and to enjoy God's creation.   Camping, hiking, and backpacking are some simple ways to see God's natural plan.  I have learned never to take life for granted and always keep my eyes on Jesus.

I have been hiking and backpacking for the past thirty years and have enjoyed many unique experiences.   There have been some great encounters with other hikers and wild animals along the trails.  I realize that I am among some of the most privileged people on earth.  The majority of men my age are not physically or financially able to hike.

I grew up in a log cabin on fifteen acres of hardwood forest, my home was at one time used during the Civil War as a hospital .  We had no running water, no electricity, and no central heating.  My dad installed electricity and modernized the exterior with siding.  A spring supplied us with fresh water, and a pot bellied stove heated the cabin.  The outdoors was my play ground.  I never lost that love for the outdoors.

 It is such a great feeling to go backpacking and relive those experiences.  Backpacking consists of carrying shelter, food, water, clothes, ground cover, and sleeping materials all in your pack.  A typical backpack weight may range from twenty to sixty pounds.  It is exciting to know that when I hike I am carrying everything I need to survive in the outdoors. It has become an art to select the lightest and best equipment as well the most comfortable clothes for all kinds of weather.  Every backpacking adventure is different no matter how many times I hike the same trail. God always shows me something I had not seen before.

In my next series of blogs I will share my experience hiking to the top of Mt. Katahdin, the northern terminus of the Appalachian Trail in Baxter Park.

What's next?
In the next series of pod casts I will be discussing my hike to the top of Katahdin Mountain in Maine.

Tech Notes: In future pod casts I will be reviewing  equioment to take on a backpacking trip.